Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap day thoughts

So happy should have been the man who came with that idea
Was he smart?
Was he a man?
Was there a woman behind him?
Probably not
Does it help Miss Earth not being late for her rdv with the Mr Sun?
Probably not
It seems so though
The Four Seasons are still there
More or Less
Who knows?
Time is time
Accept it as it is
What? You found a grey hair this morning?
I told you time is time
Don't even think about it
Do you think everyone set his alarm clock on a round number?
It bothers me to set it at 7:02, I can't
Not even 7:01, I have tried. 
I can't
I don't know
And why do people always bend down to see if the subway is coming?
Even when it is obvious that nothing is coming
Not even a sound, not even a light
I don't get it
It makes my day though
It makes me smile whenever I wait for the subway
Count those people
Pretty funny
Hope you don't do it
Never ever
Time is time
Don't even think about it

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