Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Leap day thoughts

So happy should have been the man who came with that idea
Was he smart?
Was he a man?
Was there a woman behind him?
Probably not
Does it help Miss Earth not being late for her rdv with the Mr Sun?
Probably not
It seems so though
The Four Seasons are still there
More or Less
Who knows?
Time is time
Accept it as it is
What? You found a grey hair this morning?
I told you time is time
Don't even think about it
Do you think everyone set his alarm clock on a round number?
It bothers me to set it at 7:02, I can't
Not even 7:01, I have tried. 
I can't
I don't know
And why do people always bend down to see if the subway is coming?
Even when it is obvious that nothing is coming
Not even a sound, not even a light
I don't get it
It makes my day though
It makes me smile whenever I wait for the subway
Count those people
Pretty funny
Hope you don't do it
Never ever
Time is time
Don't even think about it

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What?! A bed in a café?

Vegan cafe written on a chalk board
Sweet sweet staff
Four or five bar stools
Freshly home-made soups, juices, cakes, sandwiches
Raise your eyes
A tiny little mini mezzanine
Take the steps and discover
Not only a bed but 2 beds!
You know the ones like those roman beds.

This amazing discovery happened this week-end in yoga center right here in Brooklyn (of course).

Along with the yoga class, this little space helps students keep relaxing. The place is clean and zen as ever.
Something we all need in such big cities.
So even if you are not a student, you can just come over and have a nice break.

Of course you can rest at home in your own bed but have you ever noticed as sometimes when you are in a new place, new ideas just pop-up in your mind.
And it is a good excuse to taste healthy food & juices and get gently served while you are laying down.

I wish I had not written about this place to keep it secret.
Anyway, hope not to see you there whenever I go back :)

I won't give you the adress by the way, just a (very helpful) photo.
I know...You're welcome!

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dying for Udon?

Remember I told you about thins fancy sushi place Bozu ?
The chef-owner Makoto Suzuki for your tremendous pleasure has a second location in the 'burg.

This time he focuses on traditional Japaneese soups freshly served in this nice wooden tavern-style restaurant.

Ideal for healthy lunch or dinner.

Of course you will also find chirachi, sushis, rolls, domburis, tempuras and all those Japaneese flavoured meals which are certainly delicious. But I'm telling you, you have to have the udon at least once in your life.

Bon appetit!

Samurai Mama
205 Grand Street
Between Bedford Ave and Driggs Ave
Subway : L - Bedford, G - Metropolitan, JMZ - Marcy Ave

Saturday, February 11, 2012

The subway artist

Above, Below, from the sky to crappy undergrounds, Art is everywhere in the world.
And this is more than true here in NY.

For most people, subways are just a way of commuting, sometimes annoying, often stinking where everyone tries to isolate themselves nose in their e-book, ipods well hooked in both ears, staring at their phone even if there is no network in there...

But if you open your eyes a little bit, you can find very cool stuffs that will definitely change your daily rides!

Without even talking about the numerous musicians, dancers and singers (L train Union Square band, I love you), let's focus on this curious guy, Thomas Enrico Miguel, also known as the Subway Artist, who has been painting on subway maps since 2007. Subway plateforms, stations, cars are his studio and you can buy a piece of his art right there, magic and fun!

According to Thomas, “my work is about taking the materials at hand and making the most of them. My materials are minimal and inexpensive; sharpies, watercolor, subway maps, and poster boards, and subject me to the challenge of making something beautiful out of seemingly impossible resources.”
For Thomas the subways represents the vibrance of New York City and his drawings capture the energy and beauty of their role in city life.

 I totally agree!

Delirious Bud light

It looks like Budweiser has understood everything by creating its Bud Light.

In a country sadly known for its high obesity rate but also for its high willing of loosing weight, Bud light despite (et ça n'engage que moi) its mediocre taste has been a great success for years now.

It is common here to see people eating 700 calories burger with dripping French fries accompanied with Bud Light. Yes Madame, Monsieur, people do not abuse here.

I am not a fan of beer or television at all but this add discovered during the Superbowl made me smile.
So maybe you'll smile too...Crazy Americanos...

Friday, February 10, 2012

Movie+Dinner = 2 in 1?

Well in a country where people looove eating in front of a movie, this idea seems to make sense.
But, how is it for real?

The scene takes place in a little neighborhood cinema called Nitehawk.

Recently opened, the decoration is pretty cool with a bar in the lobby where you can have a little cocktail or any beverage while waiting for your always late friends.

Come a bit early, to grab your favorite spot as the theaters are small.
Seats are set-up two by two. So nice spot for a date I would say.
You can order food, drinks before the movie thanks to those waiters in the dark. The movie starts yeah....
Here starts also a strange manège of waiters bending their back and trying to serve people all over the room. What the heck! People keep ordering thanks to little papers and pencils under each table, they keep eating all along te movie and waiters keep coming and going with plates, glasses, smells.
So if you came here with the idea of not eating at all, no way, forget about it.
The smell either makes you feel sick or hungry, you choose.  
Unless you have had a big meal just before, I don't know.

The concept is fun and seems to attract a lot of people.
But eating while watching a movie, well it seems like having lunch in front of your computer at work, sooooo American but not for me, non merci, le repas c'est sacré!

Movie tickets are $11, beverage and food are overpriced according to me.
Who pays $9 for 2 pieces of bread, 3 cornichons onions and butter? Seriously!

Go go go try it though, maybe you will love it, who knows!

Nitehawk Cinema
136 Metropolitan Avenue (& Berry St)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Thursday, February 9, 2012

First Fridays at Neue Gallery

In New York, there are 3 essential things you have to have : 1- your sunglasses, 2- an umbrella, 3- an agenda/calendar or a very good memory.

Yeah baby! There are some events you can't miss such as First Fridays of the Month at Neue Gallery. This marvelous museum is open to the public for free from 6 pm to 8 pm. Please arrive on time if you want to enjoy all the treasures of that German and Austrian early 20th century art.

Here resides some masterpieces from Klimt, Kandisky, Schiele, Kokoschka, Klee, Kirshner, Grosz, Otoo Dix and so many others that I didn't know at all and had the pleasure to discover. Some samples here below:
Ludwig Meidner - Apocalyptic Landscape

 Sigmar Polke - B-Mode

Erich Heckel - Windmill

Et forcément pas besoin de le nommer mais juste pour le plaisir, on dirait vraiment de l'or quand on le voit en vrai

 This museum has been founded by 2 friends fan of art, collector and businessmen. Thanks guys!  

Two of the principal goals of the Neue Galerie New York are to bring a sense of perspective back to Germanic culture of this period, and to make the best of this work available to American and other audiences for both scholarly and aesthetic inquiry. A nice way to celebrate New York and its fount of culture.

Take the advantage of being here to visit the medieval room (it if is still there as they often change their exhibits) and go get a break at cafe Sabarsky, very cute Eastern European Style café. 

No no you are not in Vienna, you're still in New York!

Now you know what to to do next First Friday.

Neue Gallery
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday
11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
(closed Tuesday and Wednesday)
General $20
Students and seniors $10
1048 Fifth Avenue (86th St)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Teddy's bar and grill

If you are hanging around Williamsburg once again, I won't blame you at all. However, run away from all those touristy places that everyone talks about and try some adventure by walking a little farer from the subway. you will be happy to discover small little restaurants and bars hidden on Berry, Driggs, Roebling, Havenmayer or even Wythe, don't be scared or lazy, just go!

This one is very close to the subway though. Teddy's bar and grill is a cute little pub style mix of restaurant and bar.

If you are sat next to the window, you will want to stay here for years, the ambiance is very nice on Sundays, I guess it is pretty much the same at any other time.

But, the particularity of this place is the bunch of different events going on here from sports retransmission, to various sorts of concerts, vintage DJ sets without even talking about the variety of the menu and the afordable prices.

Friendly, good vibes, laid back atmosphere, yummy food, what else...

Oh yes, you know what, this scene of BoardWalk Empire has been shot here (of course the deco has changed since then) :

Go check it out by yourself:
Teddy's barand grill
Corner of Berry and North 8
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Subway : L Bedford Ave

Monday, February 6, 2012


I don't know if everyone feels that in NY, but I do.
Almost every time I walk in the street, I can't hep thinking of buying a turntable and go crazy buying bunch of vinyls!
I might do it soon though, it has been in my mind a lot those days.

Anyway, there are so many places where you can find vinyls in this city, the best way to do it is just walk around wuthout thinking and you will probably bumb into nice stores and then tell me where to go.

I wll just mention two places which, to my mind, are very cool:
1- Other music on 15 E 4th St between Broadway and Lafayette. This place has everything from everywhere. Discover all the new uprising artist here. They often do small private concerts to, check it out and be ready! This is where I have discovered Laura Gibson few weeks ago, a great singer, musician, compositor and writer, pretty amazing:

2- Permanent Records in Greenpoint (this eclectic neighborhood is very worth being visited by the way).Same here tons and tons of discs all around, a nice guy to advise and guide you, simple and sweet, just perfect. 181 Franklin St.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Ridiculously cheap dumplings

Are dumplings on sale at Vanessa's?
Not even! It is simply the regular price here.
Starting from $1.25 for 4 pan fired chive and pork, $3.50 for 8 boiled ones, noodles, sesame pancakes, soups...
Everything here is hand made home style in a very simple and clean place.

Is there a trap in there?
I don't know, maybe the pork is actually rat? Maybe they hire clandestin chineese children to make them?
Mmmh well, I don't think so. You know the best way to getto know the truth. So if you are around and feeling hungry, here we go, 3 addresses to serve you:

Vanessa's dumpling
310 Bedford Ave
Between South 1 and South 2
Brooklyn  - Subway : L Bedford

118 Eldridge St
Manhattan Lower East Side
Subway : F-J-M-Z Delancey-Essex

220 East 14th St
Between 2nd and 3rd Ave
Subway : L- 3 Ave

Mon-Thu : 11 am - 11 pm
Fri-Sat : 11 am - midnight
Sun : noon to 11 pm

Friday, February 3, 2012


"My boss : Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!
Me: A year
My boss: Really, you've been here for a year. It's been so fast. How long is your contract?
Me : 3 years, I hope I will stay at least until the end
My boss: Of course! I have not heard Paris saying they will send you back. And I don't want anyone to send you back! If they say all the expats have to leave, then I can't really fight. Otherwise, I will! We need you here!
Me: Awesome, I don't want to leave neither, I love it here.
My boss: I know, do you tell people it's because I am great?
Me: Haha, no...Kidding Yeaaaah, of course you are!"

And seriously, he is totally amazing!
Lucky me, always ending in nice teams at work.

What about the rest of my first year? Well:
- a little bit of snow,
- a farandole of surprises every single day, 
- a great crew of ny friends,
- some good friends visiting, 
- my mum & sweet sisters for few days (when do you come back?!),
- amazing and funny chance meetings in the subway, parties, art exhibits, on the street
- new friends made so suddenly
- a f...k blue sky almost every day
- my dream love cocoon apartment
- never ending museums, art galleries, theater, opera, concerts, non-stop wonderful discoveries
- sooo many restaurants and bars (Five Leaves and Maison Premiere are still the first in my heart
- some stomach pains, some tears par ci par la, very few though. (I guess, we have to go through those up and downs to appreciate this crazy life much more when ups are happening.)
- laughs crisis, poetries, smiles, books, guitar, parties, painting, New-Yorkers, sunshine, inspiration, energy...

Simply awesome. 
Merci New York City.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Positive attitude

Je reçois une newsletter chaque mois de ce centre où j'étais allée me renseigner pour le yoga, les massages & co (

Je trouve que ça reflète carrément l'état d'esprit de cette ville, don't be afraid:

"Recently I had an appointment to meet a consultant. When I arrived at the diner, I was struck by his youthful good looks, the tan and dark features. But then I noticed the walking sticks and the missing leg.

 He told me how 2 years ago, while crossing the street, he was plowed down by a garbage truck. I thought, here's a man who was struck down in his prime, and yet here he is sitting across from me in good spirits offering his help and support.  

I then thought of the prayer "God, put someone in my path who I can help", which I use when I get caught up in sorrow or self pity. It works only when I am willing. I let things slack off and fall by the wayside in the waning months of 2011. When I think about the work ahead and how I sometimes feel overwhelmed or fearful, it helps to put things in perspective by asking "What's the worst that can happen?".

Brooklyn Street Art


What's up!

Tiens cadeau, j'ai trouvé ça en me promenant à Brooklyn ce week-end:

Et en me balladant sur le web, j'ai découvert ce blog vraiment sympa:

Fan de street art, je te préviens, tu vas prendre ton pied!