Sunday, July 8, 2012

the graffiti Mecca

If you are a fan of street art, you probably already know this place.

In any case, if you are in New York, you HAVE to make a trip to 5 pointz, Long island City, Queens, New York.

Created in 1993, the 5Pointz Aerosol Art Center is an outdoor art exhibit center where aerosol artists from all around the world come and paint on this 200 000 square feet (19000 m2) factory building wall. The building itself hosts around 200 artists who can rent a studio here. The gallery curator is graffiti veteran Jonathan Cohen, best known by his signature tag, “Meres One.” His goal is to convert the five-story, block-long industrial complex at Jackson Avenue and Davis Street, formerly the Phun Phactory, into a graffiti art museum.

No need to tell you, once there you will be turning your head all over admiring this amazing concentration of street art. Also, if you have a chance to take the 7 trainm you will be able to take even more pictures of that hidden side.

and as you might have guessed, the name 5Pointz refers to the 5 boroughs of New York. Here, the 5 points come all together as 1 such as all those artists coming from all over the world and making this place the Mecca of graffiti.

Your turn to go check it out!

you can also book a guided tour, let's do it!

45-46 Davis Street
Long Island City
Subway : G Court Sq - 7 45 Rd Court Sq

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wild night at the flat

The best nights are often the ones without any plan.

This becomes totally true at this bar : the Flat, in the middle of nowhere in Brooklyn.
Try, just tell few friends to meet you there anytime from 10 pm and let the night makes it show...

I kind of don't want to tell you anything about this place, like the website which basically just shows the adress and few weird photos...

The only thing i can tell is : Yes you can.

The Bulgarian bar

I don't like beer in general. But when it comes to discover some new flavours, i'm down to it, beers included.
Have you ever tasted a Bulgarian beer?
I highly recommend this one:

Go get a Bulgarian night at Mehanata!

Food, drinks, atmosphere, everything combined is good thing to experience, you will feel good.
Check out the website for the events, you better go a concert/dancing night. Be careful it is open only # nights a week Thursday to Saturday!

You can also try the ice bar downstairs for 20$, good way to cool down if you get too hot...ou pas...

Don't forget to get crazy, everything is allowed in Lower East Side!

113 Ludlow St
(between Delancey St & Rivington St) 
Delancey St (F)
Essex St (J, M, Z)
Grand St (B, D)
Hours: Thu-Sat 7 pm - 4 am

Momo sushi shack

Momo in Japanese means hundred and also peach tree.

Not sure what the link is but it's enough of a good reason to go check this place out.

Right off the Morgan stop, welcome to Bushwick, the current most laid-back, cool and interesting neighborhood of Brooklyn.

Fan of street art, if the place is packed, get on the list and go for a walk in the neigborhood, you won't regret it. Don't forget to always have your camera ready to shoot whenever you're in NY.

The restaurant itself is set up in this sort of industrial box. Make new friends while sitting on those long benches and eating a pretty original mix of tapas and sushis prepared with love!

Almost 5 stars on yelp and more than 200 comments on Yelp, that helps.

If you are not convinced yet,check out there website ans stop dribbling, jump on your bike and go!

43 Bogart St Brooklyn
Subway : L Morgan


Rooftops are for people who like to show-off? Well true and not true
Rooftops are expensive for what they are? Well depends who you are with
Rooftops are good to go once in a while? Definitely
This one is cool with the amazing view and this reflecting pool which gives a pimpin touch’

I think you have to dress smart to get in, not sure though…
Anyway, for a little change, for an instant bite of Manhattan, head there with the sunset. It’s always nice to bring someone who is visiting for example. Blow them up!

Martini: $15
Small plate of salumi, olives and grilled bread: $15

Ink 48
653 Eleventh Ave., at 48th St


Some people are down
Some people are peachy
Today is peachy, tomorrow will be
 Let’s make a peachy crew!

It’s Peachy = C’est chouette.
Forcement, I like this one a lot!

A secret healthy food spot, ssshhh...

Yes! Let's live in NY and be healthy!

Grease, sugar, preservatives, colorings, fat, chemicals…we are being confronted to so much crap all the time…How about just getting back to the basics = a balanced, sustainable and healthy food…

Impossible  in  New York?
Oh well, we all know that nothing is impossible!

Secret number 1:

I know the name could sound scary for some people. Vegan does not mean weird people getting together to practice yoga and eat green leaves…nop nop, healthy food can be very diversified and as tasty as a pizza or a burger could taste for those who have no sense of what good food is :)
This website will help you find in a click any vegan, vegetarian or descent place in the city serving vegetarian dishes.
Of course you don’t have to go extreme and cut all the meat and fish. There might be plenty of places, just be curious and go look for it!

Today, Iet me take you to Jivamuktea café. Ok it is vegan! But it is tasty! I have tried the sandwiches; I think you can go for any of them, portobellos, avocado, BLT…guaranteed fresh and good!

The smoothies are a bit too cold so you cannot really taste each ingredient but still better than a diet coke! You should also try the dessert; we never know what surprise you could have with gluten free. Usually I am not a big fan but here we should give it a try…
The coolest thing is the place itself: hidden on the second floor of this building across the street from the Regal cinema, no one would expect such a relaxing, calm and pretty space. A good way to escape from the craziness, especially in union Square

Prices are ok : around 8$-15$ for a dish

Jivamuktea café
841 Broadway
2nd Floor
Union Square

Tea Time in Greenpoint

How come Brooklyn people look so cool?
Just like that, no need to brush their hear neither iron their clothes nor wear anything trendy, they just have swag in there. Wanna feel it? Well just walk in the streets...

You can also head to Milk and Roses, this little café lost in the middle of this funny Polish neighborhood which is Greenpoint.
Here you will definitely see beautiful people hanging around with their favorite book, piece of Apple and over the week-ends, they often have events going on: reading, music…

A regular neighborhood café? No really, let me tell you what makes the difference:
-          The piano enthroning in the middle
-          The decoration : simple and sweet
-          The backyard where the key word is “Let the garden be a garden, and give people the keys.”
-          The coffee is Miscela d’Oro from Messina, Sicily and the pastries are from Gian Piero Bakery in Astoria. Yes the owner is Italian, maybe that’s why everything is so good…

Well now, just follow your feelings and pop-up there whenever you feel like it…

Milk and Roses
1110 Manhattan Ave
(Between Dupont & Clay St)
Greenpoint, Brooklyn
Greenpoint Av (G)
Vernon Blvd - Jackson Av (7, 7X)
Hours: Mon-Thu, Sun 7:30 am - 11 pm
Fri-Sat 7:30 am - 12 am