Thursday, February 2, 2012

Positive attitude

Je reçois une newsletter chaque mois de ce centre où j'étais allée me renseigner pour le yoga, les massages & co (

Je trouve que ça reflète carrément l'état d'esprit de cette ville, don't be afraid:

"Recently I had an appointment to meet a consultant. When I arrived at the diner, I was struck by his youthful good looks, the tan and dark features. But then I noticed the walking sticks and the missing leg.

 He told me how 2 years ago, while crossing the street, he was plowed down by a garbage truck. I thought, here's a man who was struck down in his prime, and yet here he is sitting across from me in good spirits offering his help and support.  

I then thought of the prayer "God, put someone in my path who I can help", which I use when I get caught up in sorrow or self pity. It works only when I am willing. I let things slack off and fall by the wayside in the waning months of 2011. When I think about the work ahead and how I sometimes feel overwhelmed or fearful, it helps to put things in perspective by asking "What's the worst that can happen?".

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