Tuesday, February 14, 2012

What?! A bed in a café?

Vegan cafe written on a chalk board
Sweet sweet staff
Four or five bar stools
Freshly home-made soups, juices, cakes, sandwiches
Raise your eyes
A tiny little mini mezzanine
Take the steps and discover
Not only a bed but 2 beds!
You know the ones like those roman beds.

This amazing discovery happened this week-end in yoga center right here in Brooklyn (of course).

Along with the yoga class, this little space helps students keep relaxing. The place is clean and zen as ever.
Something we all need in such big cities.
So even if you are not a student, you can just come over and have a nice break.

Of course you can rest at home in your own bed but have you ever noticed as sometimes when you are in a new place, new ideas just pop-up in your mind.
And it is a good excuse to taste healthy food & juices and get gently served while you are laying down.

I wish I had not written about this place to keep it secret.
Anyway, hope not to see you there whenever I go back :)

I won't give you the adress by the way, just a (very helpful) photo.
I know...You're welcome!

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