Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cheap and healthy food shopping

Even if most of the New Yorkers don't cook at home, they at least need to run errances (means faire les courses, je me demande pourquoi on apprend pas cette expression à l'école, je comprenais rien au début quand les gens me disais ça, je pensais qu'il s'entrainant pour une course...) tobuy fruits, milk, eggs, soaps, whatever!

So I do have a grocery store not to farfrom my place but that's not the case for a lot of people. Usually, you will have a tons of delis, a pharmacy where you find evrything and anything. But still it stays expensive, who wants to pay $2 for one apple!

So I don't know how I've spent a whole year without knowing about Trader Joe's. But now it's done and it's just great! You can buy so many things with a low budget and the best part is that they are very concious about your health. Most of the products here are organic, fat free, chemicals free, well very good!!!

What matter for them : Great food + great price= Value. And as a seeker of great food, I am telling you their Value is really saving your life!!

No fancyness, no electronics, just a simple easy-going spot!

Go go make your errances a funny time :

2 main spots in the City:
- 6 Ave between 21st and 22nd St
- Union Square 14th St between Irving Place & 3rd Ave

Chill in Dumbo

Central park, Battery Park, Prospect Park, Washington Square Park, Madison Square park, Morningside Park...Who said New York is not green enough?

There is always a way to escape from the concrete come on!
A nice and brand new spot (means not too crowded yet) is definitely Dumbo.
Don't know where it is? Very simple DUMBO = Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass. Just follow your legs down to the bridge, see this little green hill, here you are!

Bring some friends, a picnic, a guitar or two and let's jam dreaming in front of this amazing view of downtown Manhattan. If you are courageous enough, you can always go have a look at the Ice Cream store down there or even go explore the neighborhood walking on the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, taking pictures of the cute little houses in the fruity area (cranberry, orange, pineapple street) or go up to Vinegar Hill this little haven of peace in the middle of nowhere...

Exploration is the best!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Park Seung Mo : The mind-blowing artist

If you are in NY, hanging out in art galleries is a must do.
Would you be sensitive to art or not, this is an amazing experience that will make you see life differently while going through some nice people, some crazy fellows, some crap, some jokes, some unexpected feelings and some marvels like this impressive artist met last week during the Bushwick open studios.

Park SeungMo is a Korean sculptor or should we say metal-tailor, installation master, that would suit him well i think.

His technic is to cut bunch of wire mesh to create giant ephemeral portraits such as below. This is completely striking, you will stay scotched for a while. Those panels are huge and yes of course, his inspiration is Woman...

 Watch this video until the end!

Check this website to see his other stuffs and run to his next exhibit if you are around!

The Google driveless car in NY?

 It is painful to say but, living in the Empire State of Google, you have probably heard of this driveless car launched few years ago. Still in a status of prototype, it has its users here and there.

I am not sure if this is true but there would; be some studies going-on to introduce some of those cars as cabs in NY! It wouldwork by choosing your destination from your smartphone or talking to the car. Crazy new technologies...

Personnally I don't like the idea at all.
Whatever your trip, the funny/scary/pissing/exhausting/hilarious/mythic part of a cab ride is its driver of course!

To be investigated closely, let's keep our hears open...

Here is the first user by the way:

Tea time in Midtown!

I have found a pearl. Not only a tea place but also a nice bright and quiet little restaurant!

Lost in Midtown after hanging out in all these tourist places?
Starving but fed up with all this junk food?
I have this perfect place for you!
The only condition : I hope you like gourmet Chinese food!

Radiance is a book store a tea place, a tea store, a restaurant, a relaxing break in the middle of your crazy day.Come take a tour, taste a dish or two and above all go for some tea, yummy yummy!

You can also initiate yourself to the Cinese tea ceremony by subscribing to the 35$ course, why not learning something new.

More than 100 varieties of tea are waiting to be tasted, different countries, different flavor, different stenght, each day has its tea. And if you don't like tea, you always have the pastries, the food or the books!

Prices are not the cheapest (Midtown style...) but not too crazy neither ($6 for a nice tea, $15 a dish for dinner)

Check it out!

Radiance Tea House and Books
Mon - Thu: 10am - 10pm
Fri - Sat:  10am - 11 pm
Sun: 11am - 8:30pm
158 West 55th Street
Between 6th & 7th Avenue
Subway : N Q R W F 57th St or E M 53 St