Monday, February 6, 2012


I don't know if everyone feels that in NY, but I do.
Almost every time I walk in the street, I can't hep thinking of buying a turntable and go crazy buying bunch of vinyls!
I might do it soon though, it has been in my mind a lot those days.

Anyway, there are so many places where you can find vinyls in this city, the best way to do it is just walk around wuthout thinking and you will probably bumb into nice stores and then tell me where to go.

I wll just mention two places which, to my mind, are very cool:
1- Other music on 15 E 4th St between Broadway and Lafayette. This place has everything from everywhere. Discover all the new uprising artist here. They often do small private concerts to, check it out and be ready! This is where I have discovered Laura Gibson few weeks ago, a great singer, musician, compositor and writer, pretty amazing:

2- Permanent Records in Greenpoint (this eclectic neighborhood is very worth being visited by the way).Same here tons and tons of discs all around, a nice guy to advise and guide you, simple and sweet, just perfect. 181 Franklin St.

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