Thursday, May 31, 2012

Awesome Mister Sunday

If you have ever heard of Mister Saturday Night, then you will love Mister Sunday.
If not, then you will double-love it, I can guarantee!

This is, so far, one of the best thing I have ever done in New York. Oh yeah! Imagine : a little backyard right by Gowanus Canal, a sunny Sunday afternoon, under the trees, surrounded by industrial plots, a DJ set in the middle of this little nest, what else do you need?!

First you will certainly want to lay down, have one of those drinks (beer, sangria, lemonade...), maybe an ice cream or even a plate of whatever, everything looks good and then the music will take possession of your soul and body and we will certainly find you in the middle of the dancefloor smiling like everyone here and moving like a happy New Yorker.

When summer comes, that's what we all are : happy New Yorkers and proud to be!

So enjoy this wonderful idea from Justin Carter and Eamon Harkin every Sunday from 3 to 9 pm all summer long. And if you want to keep partying, they often have after parties.

Step 1- Warm up and Get ready :

Step 2 - Check out the details here and share it only with cool people!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Pure food and wine

I am not sure who told me about this but like a lot of people in NY, I have my To Do list of places I need to check in New York. So Pure food and wine appeared to be the best place for my girly date tonight next to Union Square.

Perfect place after a hot and sunny day, make sure you book a spot in the backyard. A bit expensive but the quality and the atmosphere are definitely here. It's so good to be here surronded by those red brick buildings, those trees all over, flowers slowly falling on your table, no noisy people, everyone is whispering, chilling, gently siping one of those finnest glass of wine or tasting one of those healthy looking dishes : zucchini lasagna, morels and aspargus carpaccio, suchoke gratin, cauliflower couscous, pear raviolis...

Girls night out, love date, mum in town, every occasions are good to come have a spacio-temporel journey in this little paradise.

Bellieve me, pure food and wine, like its name tells, is a pure pleasure of food and wine

Pure food and wine
55 Irving Place
New York

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Javier Perez : el artista hecho y derecho

I think wandering is my favorite activity in New York.
French fellows, no need to open your dictionary wandering means walking around.
Yes of course this City is full of surprises : we can repeat it thousands billionns of times, it will never change.

So I have been striked by Javier Perez's powerful art piece lately at MaD. This Spanish contemporary artist is exposing all over the world his vision of humanity in all its splendour and paradox. Two powerful words for a powerful art I would say.

Javier is attached to the fact that the representation of humanity should not be traditionally frozen in a body shapes but should be something dimensional, determined by the human condition. Trough sketches, videos, sculptures, he pushes the limits of the humanity and takes us on board of a poetic, philosophical, dark and sometimes frightening world where he depicts the human being and its fragility.

Often exposed in Modern Art Museums, feel it ike a chance if you ever fall nose to nose in front of one of his pieces.

If you are a bit sensible to art, it should make you feel something. If not, well, come and stay New York for a bit, you can still be rescued...I think.

A least you should feel this kind of frustration in front of something you so want to touch and feel but you can't as it is totally forbidden. Don't touch, this is Art.

Like in real life, Javier has perfectly understood how to mix fragility and strongness, heavyness and and lightness, dark and light, beauty and repulsion...Duality, as always this is what makes human so confusing and so magnificent. Javier, love him or hate him.

Me? obviously, I love you.

Early release!

This is the best thing ever invented in firms in the U.S.
I am not sure which companies adopt it or not, but if yours does not, you better suggest it.

So in concrete terms, early release occurs whenever tomorrow is a holiday (Memorial Day, Thanksgiving, Labour Day, Indpendance Day...). Simple as it sounds, it allows you to leave work early. Early meaning 4 pm even 3 or 2 depending on your workload or your boss's flight schedule :)

Just wrap it up and gooo! At 5 pm, everything should be empty around. the best of the best is when the holiday falls on a Monday, you can leave early on Friday and double savor your TGIF!

Classy cocktail under the bridge

Let's carry on this drinking vibe and celebrate this wonderful thing we all appreciate : cocktails!

The coolest thing with cocktail is that even your under 21 sister, your healthy friend,etc can hang out with you and have cocktail without alcohol, neat!

This place suggested by my happy neighbors is worth the trip. Except one thing which I hope is not occuring every night : our eyes were stinging, I think because of some smoke escaping from the kitchen.

Other than that, look and imagine this place sprinkled with beautiful girls and boys for the most part from Brooklyn, what best way to discover the neighborhood.

What I like most here is that it is bright, clean, classy, art--deco style,with regular price ($10-12 a glass of wine, $12-15 for a cocktail) some latin platters to share, and not too packed yet because it is brand new. So if you want to drink sat and relax you should go tonight before it becomes too popular! Maybe it's too late, I shouldn't have talked about it...

27 Broadway
Brooklyn, Williamsburg
That's all folks, better find it by yourself

Saturday, May 19, 2012

What’s up on the roof?

One thing people looooove to do in New York during the summer is getting a nice time on a rooftop.
You can find plenty of them in the City, the classy, the upper-classy, the rich-men hunting, the high-heel stylish, etc.
What you prefer beers? What you don’t want to dress up like a businessman?
Well I have something for you! Yes, we can find everything in this city so why not a pretentious-less cool rooftop bar!
Where? Haha of course…Brooklyn!

Berry park is still in progress, that’s why you will find a difference each time you go there.
Now on, you have an ok selection of beers (6-7$), some bar food like burgers, pulled pork (not that cheap though) and a beergarden style tables and chairs. The crowd is a mix of artists, neighborhood youngsters and people like you and me, means anyone can appreciate such a place.
The mega plus : an adorable view on the skyline, very nice to help you make it out with your +1!
It looks to be in the middle of nowhere but be nosy, explore around…

Berry Park
4 berry St
(between 13th St & Nassau Ave)
Subway: Nassau Av (G) - Bedford Av (L)
Mon-Thu, Sun 12 pm - 2 am
Fri-Sat 12 pm - 4 am

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Upper class drinks in Soho

You might have get it : I looove Brooklyn, I looooove its laid-backed, cool, woodish bars and restaurants. I could stay in Brooklyn all life long and never get bored.

But once in a while, I feel like it's nice to treat yourself in one of those luxurious hotel bars.
Mon péché mignon...

If you feel the same, let's go together!

But we have to pick the right place.So many are just ok or even pretentious and useless.

Not the case of Soho Grand Hotel, this beautiful little perl in the middle of Soho.
Come have a nice glass of wine, bourbon or even a tea, who cares!

Of course, it is expensive (at least $15 for a glass of wine) but you are not anywhere...

Soho Gand Hotel
310 West Broadway
Canal St & Grand St
Subway 1 Canal St

Finis les hotels extra chers

Petit message pour vous : français en visite à New York.

Arrêtez donc de payer une fortune pour votre hôtel à New York.
Nooon je ne vous invite pas tous chez moi mais je vous conseille d'aller faire un tour sur ce site:

Si vous ne connaissiez pas déjà, vous allez vite devenir accroc. Ca vous permet de vous loger chez des particuliers (là ou pas pendant votre séjour) dans des quartiers que vous n'aurez même pas imaginés, de sortir de l'ordinaire, davoir zéro contrainte et de découvrir la vraie vie de New Yorkais. Que demander de plus?

- une appli iPhone
- une largissime fourchette de prix
- a peine 23 euros de frais de dossier

Et oui tout ca aussi vous l'avez, regardez comme ça rend heureux:

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Definitely Glasslands

Have you read that L magazine a few weeks ago where they were presenting 8 bands you need to hear?
Example here

So one of the question they ask is "What is your favorite venue in NYC?" and almost all of the artists answer is Glasslands. Not surprising when yourself as a listener you would anwer the same.

Why? Not sure though. The palce is pretty small, totally laid-back. I am sure it looks awful with the lights on.
But who cares because here you will feel good, I can garantee!

Dirty beaches, Cocorosie, Saint-Motel, Diane Birch, Telephoned Cookies, Big troubles, The Hairs, Napoleon, The Dig... All those bands have their own magnet power, you're gonna be amazed (normal they enjoy the place), tickets around 8 to 20$, a wonderful way to discover rock, pop, indie, rap, hip-hop ...and many other bands which I'm telling you are on their way for celebrity and success if they are not already!

Check there program and bring your friends for that kind of night you never want to forget.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Time to get a bike

 Last year at the same period, I was telling you about the Brooklyn Flea Market: 

Every year, the East River Park turns into the Place to be on the sunny week-ends.
Smorgasburg on Saturdays with tons of food from local Brooklyn vendors and flea market on Sundays where you can buy clothes, furnitures, sunglasses, records,...and also bikes!!!

From 120 to 800 dollars, you can find a good second hand bike on the top north east corner of the flea.
Talk to the very taaaall guy there, he is the boss. He will let you try the bikes around and then vous n'avez plus que l'embarras du choix! Also you get a 2 months 100% guarantee with any fix you might need + alifetime maintenance if you have any issues later with your bike.

So go go before the winter comes back and let's get ready for the next Five Boro Bike Tour

PS: the bike store is also at the Fort Greene Market on Saturdays

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Elementary my dear Watson

This year is very musical for me. I keep on discovering lovely, amazing bands.
This is definitely part of the New York adventure.
I think this kind of discoveries happens in most of big cities.
You just have to keep your eyes open on what's going on, check out the concert places websites (bowery ballroom, glasslands, music hall of williamsburg,magazines like village voice, time out NY, the L magazine and simply just talk to people wherever you hang out, that's the bet part of behaving American!)

Have you ever heard of Patrick Watson?
I have not, until yesterday. It was such a great pleasure that I bought the CD.
This funny smart and cute guy from Montreal has been singing since the age of 7.
As soon as you start hearing his voice, you can tell he's a real master.
Close your eyes, listen to each sound of this wonderful band.
You might not want to open them back, it is like a dream, like being flying overseas...

I love it!

Thanks Canada!

Saturday, May 5, 2012

The hippy-hype pool

This spring/summer is bringing a lot of good news.

Among them, the re-opening of the Mc Carren Park swimming pool.

Opened in 1936, the pool got closed in 1984 and the place has been used as a concerts venue since 2005.
But thanks to mister Bloomberg, it will be soon back to its real life. Concerts will still be held and the place will be able to turn in an ice-skating rink in the winter.

A different way to discover the north Williamsburg/Greenpoint neighborhood.

What else do you need? Get your sun cream, swin suit and let's go!

Let's just hope it won't be as crowded as in 1937...

Find a way

Spring is my favorite time in the year 
It is kind of a rebirth 
You come up with new ideas 
You feel good just seeing the sunshine 
You look forward for the summer 
You get full of energy 
Here we go
Get ready
The best is around the corner