Friday, February 3, 2012


"My boss : Whaaaaaaaaaaaat!
Me: A year
My boss: Really, you've been here for a year. It's been so fast. How long is your contract?
Me : 3 years, I hope I will stay at least until the end
My boss: Of course! I have not heard Paris saying they will send you back. And I don't want anyone to send you back! If they say all the expats have to leave, then I can't really fight. Otherwise, I will! We need you here!
Me: Awesome, I don't want to leave neither, I love it here.
My boss: I know, do you tell people it's because I am great?
Me: Haha, no...Kidding Yeaaaah, of course you are!"

And seriously, he is totally amazing!
Lucky me, always ending in nice teams at work.

What about the rest of my first year? Well:
- a little bit of snow,
- a farandole of surprises every single day, 
- a great crew of ny friends,
- some good friends visiting, 
- my mum & sweet sisters for few days (when do you come back?!),
- amazing and funny chance meetings in the subway, parties, art exhibits, on the street
- new friends made so suddenly
- a f...k blue sky almost every day
- my dream love cocoon apartment
- never ending museums, art galleries, theater, opera, concerts, non-stop wonderful discoveries
- sooo many restaurants and bars (Five Leaves and Maison Premiere are still the first in my heart
- some stomach pains, some tears par ci par la, very few though. (I guess, we have to go through those up and downs to appreciate this crazy life much more when ups are happening.)
- laughs crisis, poetries, smiles, books, guitar, parties, painting, New-Yorkers, sunshine, inspiration, energy...

Simply awesome. 
Merci New York City.


  1. Chouette ta vidéo Miss ... J'ai l'impression d'y être et ça me donne envie de repartir ... d'ici!! Ailleurs, loin ... et surtout au soleil lol! Ha la la on n'est jamais contents!
    Bizzzzz ... Kav'

  2. belle aventure !
    le passage bouffe ... mitigé, en tout cas instructif.
    loin des clichés, super !