Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Teddy's bar and grill

If you are hanging around Williamsburg once again, I won't blame you at all. However, run away from all those touristy places that everyone talks about and try some adventure by walking a little farer from the subway. you will be happy to discover small little restaurants and bars hidden on Berry, Driggs, Roebling, Havenmayer or even Wythe, don't be scared or lazy, just go!

This one is very close to the subway though. Teddy's bar and grill is a cute little pub style mix of restaurant and bar.

If you are sat next to the window, you will want to stay here for years, the ambiance is very nice on Sundays, I guess it is pretty much the same at any other time.

But, the particularity of this place is the bunch of different events going on here from sports retransmission, to various sorts of concerts, vintage DJ sets without even talking about the variety of the menu and the afordable prices.

Friendly, good vibes, laid back atmosphere, yummy food, what else...

Oh yes, you know what, this scene of BoardWalk Empire has been shot here (of course the deco has changed since then) :

Go check it out by yourself:
Teddy's barand grill
Corner of Berry and North 8
Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Subway : L Bedford Ave

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