Friday, February 10, 2012

Movie+Dinner = 2 in 1?

Well in a country where people looove eating in front of a movie, this idea seems to make sense.
But, how is it for real?

The scene takes place in a little neighborhood cinema called Nitehawk.

Recently opened, the decoration is pretty cool with a bar in the lobby where you can have a little cocktail or any beverage while waiting for your always late friends.

Come a bit early, to grab your favorite spot as the theaters are small.
Seats are set-up two by two. So nice spot for a date I would say.
You can order food, drinks before the movie thanks to those waiters in the dark. The movie starts yeah....
Here starts also a strange manège of waiters bending their back and trying to serve people all over the room. What the heck! People keep ordering thanks to little papers and pencils under each table, they keep eating all along te movie and waiters keep coming and going with plates, glasses, smells.
So if you came here with the idea of not eating at all, no way, forget about it.
The smell either makes you feel sick or hungry, you choose.  
Unless you have had a big meal just before, I don't know.

The concept is fun and seems to attract a lot of people.
But eating while watching a movie, well it seems like having lunch in front of your computer at work, sooooo American but not for me, non merci, le repas c'est sacré!

Movie tickets are $11, beverage and food are overpriced according to me.
Who pays $9 for 2 pieces of bread, 3 cornichons onions and butter? Seriously!

Go go go try it though, maybe you will love it, who knows!

Nitehawk Cinema
136 Metropolitan Avenue (& Berry St)
Williamsburg, Brooklyn

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