Saturday, February 11, 2012

The subway artist

Above, Below, from the sky to crappy undergrounds, Art is everywhere in the world.
And this is more than true here in NY.

For most people, subways are just a way of commuting, sometimes annoying, often stinking where everyone tries to isolate themselves nose in their e-book, ipods well hooked in both ears, staring at their phone even if there is no network in there...

But if you open your eyes a little bit, you can find very cool stuffs that will definitely change your daily rides!

Without even talking about the numerous musicians, dancers and singers (L train Union Square band, I love you), let's focus on this curious guy, Thomas Enrico Miguel, also known as the Subway Artist, who has been painting on subway maps since 2007. Subway plateforms, stations, cars are his studio and you can buy a piece of his art right there, magic and fun!

According to Thomas, “my work is about taking the materials at hand and making the most of them. My materials are minimal and inexpensive; sharpies, watercolor, subway maps, and poster boards, and subject me to the challenge of making something beautiful out of seemingly impossible resources.”
For Thomas the subways represents the vibrance of New York City and his drawings capture the energy and beauty of their role in city life.

 I totally agree!

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