Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Live Jazz in Marjorie's apartment

How many people on Earth would open their own apartment's door and invite, anyone who is willing to, to come over listen to a live jazz concert for 2 hours?

Hum hum...
No no, I am not joking at all.
Seriously a lady named Marjorie is doing it for more than 2 years now and it is a blast!

So the magic of New York has hit me again with this surprise. Don't even think about it, just take the Q-C subway all the way up to 163rd St, walk to 555 Edgcombe Ave, Ring the bell at 3F, go upstairs, open that door, have a seat wheter in the kitchen, the living room or the corridor and let the music make you dream  for a 2 hours journey. Your life will be changed forever, I promess.

Who is Marjorie?
She is this old lady playing the piano, running around to serve you juice and snacks during the intermission and organizing this free event every Sunday to help her copewith the sorrow of the deqth of her beloved son Philip who died of a kidney illness on a Sunday at age 32. This jazzy afternoons helps her turn a sad story into something joyous thanks to the enthousiasm and smiley-face her concerts bring to people from all over the world.

Like every good thing, there is a limit : only 50 seats or so.
So my only advice : be on time and even early to be sure to enjoy this gift from a to z.

Marjorie's parlour Jazz
555 Edgcombe Ave
Between W 159 & W 160 St
Subway A-C to 157 or 163 St
Every Sunday from 4 pm to 6pm


  1. Cool! I wonder if my neighboors would be happy if I started "Heavy Metal Sundays" in my appartement :)

  2. just do it dellamowi_k