Saturday, January 21, 2012

Indie cinema with a buzz

"Indie cinema with a buzz" - this is how this little theater freshly hidden in Dumbo bills itself.

If you ned a cosy place to watch an old or arty movie and run away from those usual american huge multicomplex, this is certainly one of the best place in New York, not to say the best.

 Go check it by yourself.

Like I did, you will probably love those refurbished old car seats, that bar decorated with hubcaps and number plates and this particular ambiance in general that makes you feel good like if you were travelling over the time. Check out the bar too, it is completely cool and laid back, full of weirdos like if you were thrown into some David Lynch's movie.

Don't worry, Dumbo is far from being a scary place.
Seems like a very nice and tranquille neighborhood, to be discovered...
147 Front Street
Subway : F - York Street

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