Saturday, January 14, 2012

A good dive burger?

Aaaaah burgers and New York!
Like a stormy love story, one day you hate them, another day, you would die for it.
Oh well, stop acting like a young virgin and eat it once in a while.
Don't get addicted though, you don't want to look like that:
So once in a while, go check out the cheeseburger, some fries at Commodore per un pugno de dollari ($7 the burger). This typical Brooklyn hipster pub allows you playing video games too, youhou.

Seriously, the beef is to die for, parole de fille qui n'aime pas trop la viande pourtant! (allez dire ça en anglais...).

Oh! and a rumor says that the fried chicken is off the hook.

To be continued then...

366 Metropolitan Avenue
Corner of Havenmayer
Metropolitan Av (G)
Bedford Av (L)
Lorimer St (L)

Mon-Thu, Sun 4 pm - 12 am
Fri 4 pm - 1 am

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