Sunday, January 29, 2012

3,2,1...Surprise, this is really a dancefloor!

It is not a scoop if I tell you that New York is that kind of city where you can be pleasantly surprised at any moment.

But, it is a scoop if I tell you that I have been here for almost a year and just discovered this place that literally made me fall in love with NYC for the nth time!

Why? Where? How? Really?!!!

This is it!
Here we go, at the Jane Hotel, let's start your surprising night by getting there early (before 10 pm), have a saet on one of those incredibly comfortable sofa and admire the amazing decoration, listening to the nice music and sliping your not too expensive drink ($8 for a beer, $12 for a glass of wine, from $14 for a cocktail).

The night is yours, see how you natrally start feeling good.
Around you, the place is getting crowed little by little, the lights are diming slowly, the music sounds louder and louder and before you have even noticed it, the whole place has been transformed, people are dancing around, the DJ is crazy awesome and you made it!

I can tell you : You are not dreaming, you are not drunk (or maybe you are but it is ok ), you are in a club in Manhattan which has nothing to do with any other clubs in that neighborhood. Go on, shake your body :-)
No doubt, you have swag baby!

Oh yeah, there is no more doubt New York is the most amazing thing I've ever seen.

The Jane Hotel
113 Jane Street
West Village
Subway A C E L - 14th St, 8th ave


  1. Not too expensive drinks ???? kidding meee

  2. Well should have said not too too expensive for that kind of place in the city. However for me Brooklyn stays the best so far.