Saturday, January 14, 2012

Diego Rivera is your man

After all those family reunions
After the usual New Year eve's useless crazyness
Surrounded by a sad economy
And a weird so weird weather
What is left?
How to get rid of this depressive atmosphere spreading around?

Let's get back to basics!
Family, love, very few best friends, good food, good health, cultural events, here we go!

Everything should be accessible in New York, just go get it, help yourself with all the treasures hidden here and there. Keep breathng, surviving I should say.
Friday nights, the Moma is free. Enjoy it once a while!

Until May 14, you can go see some master pieces done by Diego Rivera.
This magnificient exhibition recounts the different works of this artist, so famous for his murals.
You will be pleased to discover his drawings, sketches and paintings which are to my mind as impressive as his murals:

Who else can tell that he became friend with Modigliani, Orozco in few years in Paris, got married to Frida Khalo, had Trotski sleeping on his coach and his famous Zapatta's painting in almost every Spanish learning books:

Yep Remember the exhibit date is until May 14th!
It is a small exhibit, so take the advantage to explore the rest of the museum:

Le temps passe tellement vite, so go go go!

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