Saturday, January 14, 2012

How to get a cab ?

New York will not be New York without its cabs.

However after a long night, when the weather is shitty or when bad luck has chosen to fall on you that day, it can be awful to find a cab.

Basics: stand on the side of the direction you want to go, a little between the street and the sidewalk, raise your hand as if the entire-world's self-confident was into you and look straight in the eyes of the drivers. Don't yell 'Taxi', that is useless and a complete tourist thing. Be careful that only the middle light is on:

Sometimes, they keep all the lights on means off duty too, stay calm don't spend your energy with that.
And if you are a lucky smartphone holder, download this and let me know if that really works:

Good luck!

Oh and a very good car service if you have the chance to live arond Brooklyn, Williamsburg : (seems to work in the City too, to be checked) -> Fixed price $35 to JFK!

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