Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Stand up for Aziz

One of the coolest thing to do after a crazy day at work is going to one of those numerous comedy show all around the city. A nice venue for that is Cameo Gallery on Wednesday nights.

Nicely hidden in the backroom of the Lovin' Cup Café, Cameo is that kind of place which is not fancy at all but kind of charming with its local crowd, free beers and above all very interesting and eclectic artists.

You HAVE to check it out :

So at Cameo, Wednesday nights = Big Terrific = a free, fun comedy show starting around 8:30 5come at 8 if you want to sit) with some newbees and also some show-biz stars dropping in. Tonight I have re-discovered Aziz Ansari, nice, nice, very nice!

If you need your weekly fun, the answer is easy : Cameomeo!

And here if you want to discover Aziz too:

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