Saturday, March 31, 2012

Iconic coffee cup

 As everyone knows, it's very common to see people walking in the street with their coffee cup in New York.
One of the most famous one (forget about Starbucks, please!), is this one:

Looks Greek? Indeed!
As each group of immigrants in New York was bringing its part of culture and business, when Greek immigrants arrived in New York in the early 20th century, they brought their coffee culture along with them, giving birth to the city’s ubiquitous Greek diners and sidewalk pushcarts. 

In 1963, the Sherri Cup Companyproduced a to-go coffee cup that would appeal to the Greek vendors. Marketing director Leslie Buck dreamed up a motif that included blue-and-white colors from the flag of Greece. His message, WE ARE HAPPY TO SERVE YOU, was printed in Greek-style letters

Currently, hundred of thousands of them are carried out of New York delis full of hot coffee! Due to the vast number of them, the length of time they have been around and New Yorkers' appreciation for their design, the cup has come to be a quintessential New York icon.

The best souvenir of New York to bring back to your coffee lovers friends!
And merci miss R!

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