Sunday, May 27, 2012

Javier Perez : el artista hecho y derecho

I think wandering is my favorite activity in New York.
French fellows, no need to open your dictionary wandering means walking around.
Yes of course this City is full of surprises : we can repeat it thousands billionns of times, it will never change.

So I have been striked by Javier Perez's powerful art piece lately at MaD. This Spanish contemporary artist is exposing all over the world his vision of humanity in all its splendour and paradox. Two powerful words for a powerful art I would say.

Javier is attached to the fact that the representation of humanity should not be traditionally frozen in a body shapes but should be something dimensional, determined by the human condition. Trough sketches, videos, sculptures, he pushes the limits of the humanity and takes us on board of a poetic, philosophical, dark and sometimes frightening world where he depicts the human being and its fragility.

Often exposed in Modern Art Museums, feel it ike a chance if you ever fall nose to nose in front of one of his pieces.

If you are a bit sensible to art, it should make you feel something. If not, well, come and stay New York for a bit, you can still be rescued...I think.

A least you should feel this kind of frustration in front of something you so want to touch and feel but you can't as it is totally forbidden. Don't touch, this is Art.

Like in real life, Javier has perfectly understood how to mix fragility and strongness, heavyness and and lightness, dark and light, beauty and repulsion...Duality, as always this is what makes human so confusing and so magnificent. Javier, love him or hate him.

Me? obviously, I love you.

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