Sunday, May 27, 2012

Classy cocktail under the bridge

Let's carry on this drinking vibe and celebrate this wonderful thing we all appreciate : cocktails!

The coolest thing with cocktail is that even your under 21 sister, your healthy friend,etc can hang out with you and have cocktail without alcohol, neat!

This place suggested by my happy neighbors is worth the trip. Except one thing which I hope is not occuring every night : our eyes were stinging, I think because of some smoke escaping from the kitchen.

Other than that, look and imagine this place sprinkled with beautiful girls and boys for the most part from Brooklyn, what best way to discover the neighborhood.

What I like most here is that it is bright, clean, classy, art--deco style,with regular price ($10-12 a glass of wine, $12-15 for a cocktail) some latin platters to share, and not too packed yet because it is brand new. So if you want to drink sat and relax you should go tonight before it becomes too popular! Maybe it's too late, I shouldn't have talked about it...

27 Broadway
Brooklyn, Williamsburg
That's all folks, better find it by yourself

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