Sunday, May 13, 2012

Definitely Glasslands

Have you read that L magazine a few weeks ago where they were presenting 8 bands you need to hear?
Example here

So one of the question they ask is "What is your favorite venue in NYC?" and almost all of the artists answer is Glasslands. Not surprising when yourself as a listener you would anwer the same.

Why? Not sure though. The palce is pretty small, totally laid-back. I am sure it looks awful with the lights on.
But who cares because here you will feel good, I can garantee!

Dirty beaches, Cocorosie, Saint-Motel, Diane Birch, Telephoned Cookies, Big troubles, The Hairs, Napoleon, The Dig... All those bands have their own magnet power, you're gonna be amazed (normal they enjoy the place), tickets around 8 to 20$, a wonderful way to discover rock, pop, indie, rap, hip-hop ...and many other bands which I'm telling you are on their way for celebrity and success if they are not already!

Check there program and bring your friends for that kind of night you never want to forget.

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