Sunday, May 6, 2012

Elementary my dear Watson

This year is very musical for me. I keep on discovering lovely, amazing bands.
This is definitely part of the New York adventure.
I think this kind of discoveries happens in most of big cities.
You just have to keep your eyes open on what's going on, check out the concert places websites (bowery ballroom, glasslands, music hall of williamsburg,magazines like village voice, time out NY, the L magazine and simply just talk to people wherever you hang out, that's the bet part of behaving American!)

Have you ever heard of Patrick Watson?
I have not, until yesterday. It was such a great pleasure that I bought the CD.
This funny smart and cute guy from Montreal has been singing since the age of 7.
As soon as you start hearing his voice, you can tell he's a real master.
Close your eyes, listen to each sound of this wonderful band.
You might not want to open them back, it is like a dream, like being flying overseas...

I love it!

Thanks Canada!

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