Saturday, April 7, 2012

Never go to Le Baron

I usually write here to tell you where to go but today I'm totally pissed off againt those pretentious useless jokers aka Le Baron in New York.
Personally I have never been interested to go to Le Baron in Paris. Here I was like let's see as they were advertising this nice-looking facebook event a friend sent me
I have never seen so many people in a line on a Monday night, around 300 people waiting in the cold to end up being rejected at the entrance by the meanest guy ever who only knows 5 words 'You not on the list',
What the heck?!
For the few ones who have been accepted inside, that night seemed like a nightmare, totally packed, no way to enjoy the concert at all.

Maybe other nights are better, maybe ceci, maybe cela...
Seriously, do not even waste your time to go to Chinatown and get humiliated.
You deserve better, New York is so full of wonderful places and Le Baron should not even be in this City, beurk beurk!

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