Saturday, April 7, 2012

Let's buy a flying car

Big buzz this week with the New York auto show opening, you have probably heard of "Transition", the first American-made flying car!

You were wondering what to do with your $279,000 dollars, here we go, buy one and become the hypest person in the world.

In few figures:
- "Transition" has successed its first flight on March 26 and will be available for sale starting next year. About  100 000 people have already put down $10,000 dollars deposit to be the first happy buyers
- You can drive it with your regular license + a 20h sport pilot traning (another $3000 but vous n'êtes plus à ça près)
- With one full tank (87L) of super sans plom at any regular gas station, you will be able to fly until 787 km (vitesse de croisière de 170 km/h). Then once back on the road, wings bent in less than 30 seconds, the maximum speed you can reach is 105 km/h, but man you can fly!
- Ok you will not yet be able to take off in the middle of a traffic as you will need 762 meters to take off
- And with its 2.3 width meters, you will easily park it in your garage.

It's not yet very beautiful and has only 2 seats but still, I am sure you can enjoy it:

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