Saturday, December 24, 2011

Knock knock who's in the Box?

 When someone puts a box in front of you, it is usually synonym of a surprise.

Well, the box I am telling you about tonight is not only a surprise, it is a complete crazy incredible thing!
Honestly, I still can't believe it actually exists for real. I kind of need to check it a second time to be sure.
Any volunteer?

Les images parlant plus que les mots, here is how my box looks like:

 First thing to know: anybody cannot get in. So, I suggest you to suit up, bring your cutest, hottest, sexiest girlfriend, wear your brightest smile and here we go! 
Yeah I know this sounds ridiculous, but you feel lucky and special onece inside. It's how it works after all...

Anyway, inside, it's a whole world of bling bling and show off in there with those luxurious chandeliers, red canapés,shiny varnished tables. You will very quickly hanged by the move. The DJ is fucking good here man! Let's dance and drink all night long surrounded by those rich (or pretending rich) and beautiful people.

Suddenly, the curtain opens! (Yes there is a curtain)
Oh my god! This is insane!!! A complete new world appears in front of you, cutting your breath, blowing your mind, your eyes will be stick, see you don't believe it neither!
Between trash and amazing, the whole show is worth to see once in your life. It is this kind of experience that does not leave you innocent. Kind of a lost of virginity on a way...
Nothing that vulgar though (except that Mr Pussy thing, yark disgusting...)

Anyway, photos are forbidden, so let'skeep it secret.
Go check it, that's the only thing I can tell!

The box
189 Chrystie Street  New York
Between Rivingston & Stanton
Subway : F - 2 Av

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