Saturday, December 10, 2011

Having a drink like a spy?

Are you ready to play 007 tonight?
Follow me sssssh...tip-toe, tip-toe...

Down in the night, walk in the darkness of this tiny little street next to Grand Central,
Yes pull that door with those golden letters engraved on the top : CAMPBELL APARTMENT...
Mmmh come on, take those huge stairs on the right, and here we are:

This place looks like an old British/Irish apartment with his huge stained glass window, curtains, a fancy bar, luxious chandeliers, amazing sofas where you can just lay down and stay for hours sipping your coktail and observing those people who enter and leave this place like in a novel wrtiiten by Hemmingway!

My dream here : crossing the road of an old man smoking a pipe who willtell me a secret about this incredible city, New York, mon amour.  Or crossing Rita...

Just check it out, cocktails are known to be one of the bests in town.
Count around $16, calm and volupty has a price sometimes...

15 Vanderbilt Ave.
Grand Central near 43rd St
Mon-Thu: noon-1am
Fri, 12pm-2am
Sun, 3pm-11pm

Grand Central-42nd St. 4,5,6,7

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