Thursday, December 8, 2011

Do you like

Yeah baby soul can be eaten,bitten, swallowed, whatever you feel like doing with your mouth!

Just take a deep breath, walk to South Harlem, dare pushing this door :

And here you go, ejected to the South of U.S.A, invited to taste the typical Southern food in a Southern ambiance. Try to grab few different suffs like the sample plate with chicken wings, ribs, corn bread stuffing, spinache, rice&beans...

Be careful though, control yourself!
You can get fat so easily in this country. Let's savor it eating slowly and then you can always have a nice walk nextdoor in Central Park singing like our old friend:

Miss Mamie's spoonbread
366 W 110th St 
Nearest Transit: 
Cathedral Pkwy (110 St) (A, B, C) 
Cathedral Pkwy (1) 
103 St (A, B, C)
Mon-Thu 12 pm - 10 pm 
Fri-Sat 12 pm - 11 pm 
Sun 11 am - 9:30 pm

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