Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Afterwork at Carnegie Hall

I wish I could be a man in love just for a night.

I would suddenly call my girlfriend in the middle of the afternoon and tell her "Chérie, I'll come pick you down to your office afterwork tonight, is that ok?". Of course, she would say yes, because I would be the greatest boyfriend anyone could have...

Anyway, I will go pick her, warmly hold her hand and secretely take her to this mythic place:
Honey, we are going to Carnegie Hall tonight.

As amazing as it looks like, this place germed in the middle of the Ocean from a funny meeting on a ship between the ridiculously rich Andrew Carnegie (on the way to his honeymoon) and the young Walter Damrosh who had just finished his second season as conductor and musical director of the Symphony Society of New York and the Oratorio Society of New York, and was traveling to Europe for a summer of study.

Few jokes, talks, drawings, visits later, this place was born scealing the friendship between the two men.

Opened in 1891, Carnegie Hall has been the place where distinctive artists of all stripes have come to make their names in New York City. This tradition of excellence has made Carnegie Hall an essential part of the city’s cultural fabric and one of the world’s most famous concert hall. In fact, when you are inside, it looks very simple. But just close your eyes, listen to the music and imagine Franck Sinatra, Sarah Bernard, the Beatles, Maria Callas, Liza Minelli, Gustav Mahler, Mark Twain, Theodore Roosevelt...the list is infinite and I hope it will never end.

Let's hope that if the world was ending tomorrow, this place would be one of the latest to disappear...

Check the shcedule here under and well, don't wait to be a man in love, just go...

57th street & 7 ave
Subway : N-Q-R 57th St

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  1. Why wait to be a man in love? ;-)
    or just need to be in love with music and sound.