Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Wild night at the flat

The best nights are often the ones without any plan.

This becomes totally true at this bar : the Flat, in the middle of nowhere in Brooklyn.
Try, just tell few friends to meet you there anytime from 10 pm and let the night makes it show...

I kind of don't want to tell you anything about this place, like the website which basically just shows the adress and few weird photos...

The only thing i can tell is : Yes you can.


  1. NEWSFLASH: you are not a celebrity! From what I can see, you couldn't be further from it.

    If you're going to mention a particular establishment, you should provide the requisite details (otherwise, it's a waste of time to read this). Do you really think your importance is so great as to require keeping places you write about "under wraps?"

    I ended up on this blog whilst aimlessly surfing around...but, after having been exposed to this post's contrived narcissism, I've written it off. It, along with the author, seem to be out-of-touch.

    1. ha! hopefully no I'm not a celebrity.

      If you don't like it, don't go. the aim of my blog is simply just posting about places I like, nice things I discover in this amazing city that people might not find in generic guides and above all keep my friends updated of my findings...

      If you think I'm out of touch and narcissistic based on this post, sad for you, you seem not to understand much about people. Being mean has never helped anyone.