Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A secret healthy food spot, ssshhh...

Yes! Let's live in NY and be healthy!

Grease, sugar, preservatives, colorings, fat, chemicals…we are being confronted to so much crap all the time…How about just getting back to the basics = a balanced, sustainable and healthy food…

Impossible  in  New York?
Oh well, we all know that nothing is impossible!

Secret number 1:

I know the name could sound scary for some people. Vegan does not mean weird people getting together to practice yoga and eat green leaves…nop nop, healthy food can be very diversified and as tasty as a pizza or a burger could taste for those who have no sense of what good food is :)
This website will help you find in a click any vegan, vegetarian or descent place in the city serving vegetarian dishes.
Of course you don’t have to go extreme and cut all the meat and fish. There might be plenty of places, just be curious and go look for it!

Today, Iet me take you to Jivamuktea café. Ok it is vegan! But it is tasty! I have tried the sandwiches; I think you can go for any of them, portobellos, avocado, BLT…guaranteed fresh and good!

The smoothies are a bit too cold so you cannot really taste each ingredient but still better than a diet coke! You should also try the dessert; we never know what surprise you could have with gluten free. Usually I am not a big fan but here we should give it a try…
The coolest thing is the place itself: hidden on the second floor of this building across the street from the Regal cinema, no one would expect such a relaxing, calm and pretty space. A good way to escape from the craziness, especially in union Square

Prices are ok : around 8$-15$ for a dish

Jivamuktea café
841 Broadway
2nd Floor
Union Square

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