Wednesday, July 4, 2012

The Bulgarian bar

I don't like beer in general. But when it comes to discover some new flavours, i'm down to it, beers included.
Have you ever tasted a Bulgarian beer?
I highly recommend this one:

Go get a Bulgarian night at Mehanata!

Food, drinks, atmosphere, everything combined is good thing to experience, you will feel good.
Check out the website for the events, you better go a concert/dancing night. Be careful it is open only # nights a week Thursday to Saturday!

You can also try the ice bar downstairs for 20$, good way to cool down if you get too hot...ou pas...

Don't forget to get crazy, everything is allowed in Lower East Side!

113 Ludlow St
(between Delancey St & Rivington St) 
Delancey St (F)
Essex St (J, M, Z)
Grand St (B, D)
Hours: Thu-Sat 7 pm - 4 am

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