Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Rockaway beach, ok but which one?

 You want to go to the beach?

You don't have time or energy to go all the way to Long Beach, Fire Island or Sandy Hook...

The Rockaways could be an easy option.

Hop on the A train and go straight to Beach 105.
The subway station stinks, get off and run to the beach.
If it's a week-end afternoon, it might be crowded like any other beach in Rockaway.
However, this one seems nicer thanks to the fresh juices, ice cream and food (Venezuelan arepas) that is served here. No shitty crap, just freshly made produce.
They also have a nice DJ set, beach, music and good food, we don't need anything else!

To get there:
A train to Far Rockaway. Transfer at Broad Channel to the S shuttle.
Get off at 105th.

Well you can also try the other ones at 90th, 98th or 116th. At least for Uma's patties on 92st St or the  busy Rockaway taco on 96th St

Have fun!

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