Friday, August 2, 2013

Back to back!

Yo yo yo!

After months of deep meditation, fully sunk into the winter and then lost in rotation, here I am back and fresh. Still in Brooklyn, New York.

I have recently moved to this interesting neighborhood called Bedstuy.

It's funny how some people react when I mention this name.

Actually, if we look back couple of years ago, Bedstuy was this insane insecure neighborhood were crime was hitting all over. Now, gentrification has taken over, prices have been crazy increasing and young white people have been invading all over like they recently did in Williamsburg, Bushwick.

In a nutshell, New York is loosing is authenticity while it's gaining in security and wealth.

I am not sure what's better. Is this inevitable? Are the prices going to rise more and more and this City is going to turn into a VIP lounge?! That would suck.

Let's hope that the diversity that has always made New York NEW YORK stays alive.
We definitely need to have this melting-pot, at least for the salvation of humanity.

Seems like it's dying already...

Music will save us, that's one way to keep dreaming!

LAS - Preaching

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