Monday, September 3, 2012

Say Hi to Brooklyneur!

The last two months have flown I don't know how
New York, New York, I still love you
Not the same way I use to do
One thing is sure:
I am not leaving you
For now

No more burgers
No more fat stuffs
I hate you guys
I don't like the smell of nail spots anymore
I don't care about you hispters neither
I just want to be here, one among the others
Living my own dream
Keep crossing the path of some rare pearls
Making friend with the ones
Who are down to heart
With their head in the clouds

Just being myself
The one I am still discovering
Thanks to you New York
Or I should say thanks to you Brooklyn

And for those who want to follow the adventure
Come with me to the next step
New, fresh and French though

 & Never forget
Keep having fun
Keep being crazy
Every single day
Life is short
Don't worry...

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