Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hope with Hopper

Nighthawks, still my favorite painting
I like this man and woman: deeply thinking
While the whole world around seems fading

Simon said "Finding your way by getting lost"
I am afraid everyone around looks like a ghost

Lately, I've been closing my eyes in the subway
Up, down, over, I can't breathe during the day
I wish I was on a beach far away

What happened to you Big Apple?
Please get rid of those useless people
 Move on, be simple and real
Hopefully I live in my bubble
Where my heart is open
But my mind is broken
I need some glue
Or maybe just a screw
Just let it go
Go with the flow

Let the magic happen
Maybe keep a weapon...

New York, mon amour
T'aimerais-je encore et toujours? 

Paintings such as Nighthawks (Art Institute of Chicago, 1942) convey a mood of loneliness and desolation by their emptiness or by the presence of anonymous, non-communicating figures. But of this picture Hopper said: `I didn't see it as particularly lonely... Unconsciously, probably, I was painting the loneliness of a large city.' Deliberately so or not, in his still, reserved, and blandly handled paintings Hopper often exerts a powerful psychological impact. (http://www.ibiblio.org/wm/paint/auth/hopper/)

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