Friday, June 8, 2012

Park Seung Mo : The mind-blowing artist

If you are in NY, hanging out in art galleries is a must do.
Would you be sensitive to art or not, this is an amazing experience that will make you see life differently while going through some nice people, some crazy fellows, some crap, some jokes, some unexpected feelings and some marvels like this impressive artist met last week during the Bushwick open studios.

Park SeungMo is a Korean sculptor or should we say metal-tailor, installation master, that would suit him well i think.

His technic is to cut bunch of wire mesh to create giant ephemeral portraits such as below. This is completely striking, you will stay scotched for a while. Those panels are huge and yes of course, his inspiration is Woman...

 Watch this video until the end!

Check this website to see his other stuffs and run to his next exhibit if you are around!

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