Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cheap and healthy food shopping

Even if most of the New Yorkers don't cook at home, they at least need to run errances (means faire les courses, je me demande pourquoi on apprend pas cette expression à l'école, je comprenais rien au début quand les gens me disais ça, je pensais qu'il s'entrainant pour une course...) tobuy fruits, milk, eggs, soaps, whatever!

So I do have a grocery store not to farfrom my place but that's not the case for a lot of people. Usually, you will have a tons of delis, a pharmacy where you find evrything and anything. But still it stays expensive, who wants to pay $2 for one apple!

So I don't know how I've spent a whole year without knowing about Trader Joe's. But now it's done and it's just great! You can buy so many things with a low budget and the best part is that they are very concious about your health. Most of the products here are organic, fat free, chemicals free, well very good!!!

What matter for them : Great food + great price= Value. And as a seeker of great food, I am telling you their Value is really saving your life!!

No fancyness, no electronics, just a simple easy-going spot!

Go go make your errances a funny time :

2 main spots in the City:
- 6 Ave between 21st and 22nd St
- Union Square 14th St between Irving Place & 3rd Ave

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