Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Chanting with monks

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna
Krishna Krishna Hare Hare
Hare Rama Hare Rama
Rama Rama Hare Hare

This whole story started from this : www.sidetour.com/experiences/dine-with-the-monks-at-an-east-village-monastery. Yes, it says "Dine with a monk in a monastery in East village", for real!
So by pure curiosity, I did it and I met this amazing person Rasanath.

You should get an idea of this place where an amazing happens every Thursday night from 7 to 9 pm. It is free. Just try, you'll see.

Open the door in the middle of crazy East Village, jump up to the 3rd floor, take off your shoes, and slowly enter in the Temple...

Welcome to kirtan* night.

A windfall of warmth, peace, good energy, grounding and happiness hits you right away and sticks around for the rest of your night and hopefully more. You are part of it, all together we form this bubble of positiveness, there is no more individuality but an amazing unity of loving and heartwarming state.

Just by sitting down, closing your eyes, not even singing if you don't want to, you will forget about all the parasites, all the pollution that takes place in your daily life.
By being in this room, you will even forget that there is a world outside, it takes you far away and when you come back to reality, you would probably feel different...

Give it a try

East Village Monastery
5 1st Ave
(between 1st & 2nd St)
New York

*Kirtan is call-and-response chanting or "responsory" performed in India's bhakti devotional traditions. Kirtan practice involves chanting hymns or mantras to the accompaniment of instruments such as the harmonium, tablas, the two-headed mrdanga or pakawaj drum, and karatal hand cymbals. It is a major practice in Vaisnava devotionalism, Sikhism, the Sant traditions, and some forms of Buddhism, as well as other religious groups.
Source: Wikipedia

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