Sunday, October 28, 2012

Ethiopian food, go for it!

"Life is a mysteryyy", that's what she said.
Anyway, we all know that. And the beauty is to discover those little secrets hidden behind the daily ugliness thrown in our faces. Hopefully, things like a good meal, good friends, simplicity are here to help us hang in there.

Ethiopian food is definitely part of the things to be tried once in your life. You will probably want to experiment it more.

A good way to start if you ever are in fort Greene is this place on Fulton St called Bati.

Yes, don't be shy! Try one of their combo so that you get a taste of everything. This is a fun meal, you can party with your hand dipping the injera (this flat bread made from teff, a cereal grown in Africa) in the different wat (the curries).

The prices are ok : around $20 per person with tips and tax.
The place is simple and cool. Just like you? So just go for it!

747 Fulton St
(between Elliott Pl & Portland Ave)
Subway: Lafayette Av (A, C)
Fulton St (G)
Atlantic Av (B, Q)

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